Capitol Riders - Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Date: January 10, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM

Location: Traditions Café

Attendance: President – Sue Davis, Vice Pres. –Jerre Redecker, Director – April Bryan, Secretary – Diana Gundersen , Treasurer & Membership – Sue Koch, Volunteer Hours Coordinator – Deb Hall,                       Outgoing Pres. – Laura Shillam

Deb will confirm with Karen Johnson that she is willing continue to be our alternate director.

Reviewed items to update each January and/or transfer to new officers:

1. Outgoing Director updates BCHW website with new CR officers and contact info

2. Update meeting room agreement with Fire Dept. and share door code 

3. Responsibility for monthly newsletter articles transfers to new pres. and director; Articles due to newsletter editor by 8th of every month

4. Update Chapter bank account to allow access by Treasurer and Director and remove outgoing officers names 

5. Long-term storage of chapter minutes is via newsletters stored on website 

6. Payment to GoDaddy for chapter website is every 5 yrs, initiated 12/2018, and is managed by chapter webmaster, currently Deanna Jackson

Reviewed bylaws and standing rules, including definition of the Board of Directors. Discussed having a Board of Directors meeting every other month (except in summer) to share ideas and help facilitate more effective general meetings. Agreed that minutes of Board meetings should be taken and made available. It was suggested that the standing rules be amended to allow reimbursement of travel expenses to board members for attendance at the annual leadership training. Sue D will look into the process required to change chapter standing rules.

Reviewed chapter inventory of equipment. Everything is accounted for except 2 metal “Adopt-A-Trailhead” Program signs.

General meeting format was discussed. No set meeting length has ever been established, but there was general agreement that flexible meeting length up to 90 minutes, depending on agenda, is acceptable. A draft January agenda prepared by Sue D was reviewed. 

Outcome of discussion:  - Time for socializing is important

- Keep officer reports succinct. Hit highlights, new info, items requiring action. Detailed reports and meeting minutes should be shared via newsletter, email, or website.

- BCHW brochures, CR business cards, and trailer stickers for purchase should be available at every meeting.

- Have educational presentations every other month

- Incorporate fun/social things

Setting chapter goals for 2020 was discussed. Sue K stated that each chapter is required to prepare an annual budget. The bylaws state that the annual budget is to be prepared by a ways and means committee appointed by the president, and approved by the Board. Sue K will prepare a summary of 2019 expenses and income to help guide preparation of a 2020 budget. 

The suggestion was made to also prepare a calendar of events for the whole year. 2020 goals will be discussed at the 1/21/20 general meeting, and an annual budget and calendar will prepared after based on goals set.

We discussed encouraging members to become more active by asking for volunteers to take on small tasks or specific projects.

Leadership meeting on January 25th. Sue K will drive. 5 officers can attend. Meet at Littlerock Saloon at 6:45 am.