Ride Information

  Driving directions for the rides below are relative to Olympia WA.
  Nisqually-Mashel (Nisqually State Park)

Terrain: Rolling - On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 2-3.

Permits: State Parks lands. Discover Pass required!

Corrals/High line: N/A.

Campfires: No.

Mashel is pronounced "me shall". The "Me-Schal" are the Upper Mountain Nisqually native peoples.


From downtown Yelm take State Route 507 through town towards Roy. Turn right off State Route 507 onto State Route 702 towards Mt. Rainier and drive for about 9.3 miles. Turn right onto State Route 7 (Mtn Hwy E) towards Mount Rainier National Park. Go about 6.8 miles, going past Ohop Valley Road. At the top of the long sweeping hill - Watch for Mashel Prairie Road on the right side (milepost 29.31). Turn right and go about 1 mile. Park on the right side under the power lines. GPS coordinates 46.859433N, 122.335491W (10 T 550652 UTM 5189758) WGS84 datum (drive time from Yelm is about 45 minutes with horse trailer, 19.5 miles. From Olympia it's 40 miles and about an hour and a half.) Google map of the parking location

Topo map (8.5 x 11 jpeg) Trail map (jpeg)
Interactive map showing boundaries overlaid on an aerial view (map is centered on the parking area under the power lines)

This area is to someday be a state park (complete with equestrian amenities) Learn more here. It will be known as Nisqually State Park. The existing parking area under the power lines would be no more but an equestrian area would be located just south of the SR 7 and Ohop Valley Road intersection where there currently is a private driveway. (this is where the powerline crosses SR 7 as well) The new parking location is not all that far from the current parking location.

Mashel Massacre history and presentation

Other links:
"Indian Henry"
Indian Henry (So-To-Lick)
Mashel (sometimes Maxon) Massacre
Nisqually Chief Quiemuth is murdered
Early Eatonville
  Elbe Hills

Information: Sahara-Elbe Hills

Terrain: Rolling - maximum elevation gain less than 500 feet. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 1-5.

Corrals/High line: Hitch rails.

Campfires: Yes..

Permits: DNR lands. Discover Pass required!.

WACMO trail map (wacmo.org)

Directions: From Olympia - Take Interstate 5 north to Marvin Road - State Route 510 South (exit 111) (heading towards Yelm). At approximately 14.1 miles from Interstate 5 (downtown Yelm), continue straight onto State Route 507 North. In 1.9 miles turn right onto State Route 702 - 352 St S - McKenna Tanwax. In 9.3 miles stay straight on to 352nd St E (crossing SR 7) and in 250 feet stay right on to the Eatonville Cutoff Road (There is an on-going detour on SR 7 hence this route). Follow the Eatonville Cutoff Road for 4.6 miles to State Route 161. Turn right and follow SR 161 through Eatonville to Center Street E (3.1 miles). Turn left on to Center Street E and continue straight on to Alder Cutoff Road. Follow Alder Cutoff Road back to State Route 7 (7.1 miles from SR 161). Turn left back on to State Route 7 and follow it for another 4.8 miles to the intersection with State Route 706. Continue straight on to SR 706 for another 5.1 miles to 262nd Avenue E on your left. Turn on to 262nd and camp is another 0.2 miles up.

GPS coordinates for the destination are 46.758483N, 122.084849W (10 T 569888 UTM 5178732) WGS84 datum The camp sign is very small and easily missed. Watch for mile marker 5 on SR 706 and be prepared to turn left as soon as you see it. Google map link of the destination

Distance from Olympia is 57 miles and drive time is about 2 hours.

Review - "Fantastic views of MT Rainier await at Elbe. Located 6 miles east of the town of Elbe, WA on WA Hwy 706 these trails have access as easy as the wonderful views! There are 7 main trails that are all clearly signed and marked. The campground itself has both back in and pull through parking and can accommodate large LQ rigs with ease. Submitted by: Cowboy Maps"

  Wenas BBQ Flats

Information: BBQ Flats

Terrain: A series of canyons and ranges from flat to steep rolling slopes and is predominately rocky so hoof protection is recommended. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 3.

Corrals/High line: None.

Campfires: No campfires April 15 to October 15. An option from Cabela's. DNR approved.

Permits: DNR land. Discover Pass required! Vehicles must stay on designated Green Dot roads (see map link below). (area is a mix of DNR, WDFW and private lands). No permit required unless it's a party of 25 and greater, or an event (poker run for example).

Directions: Interstate 90 (exit 109 - Canyon Road). North on Canyon Road turning left on East Umptanum Road in 0.7 miles. Follow Umptanum Road for 8.9 paved miles to N Wenas Road and another 8.6 miles of gravel to Maloy Road on your right. Turn right onto Maloy Road and stay to the left on Maloy Road. Follow Maloy Road west for 1.0 mile. At 1.0 mile you will come to a Y with a dirt track to the left. Stay straight for another 0.1 mile. At this point continue straight on to the new section of road which continues practically due west for another 0.3 miles (1,335 feet). Then turn left and drive south another 0.1 mile (785 feet) and then right, continuing into the camping area.

Alternate Directions: US Route 12 to Naches. Turn left onto Schafer Avenue (milepost 190.14). Take the second right onto the Old Naches Highway after passing the Naches Valley Intermediate School on your right. Take the first left onto Naches/Wenas Road, turning right at 0.2 miles to stay on the Naches/Wenas Road. Continue for 3 miles, turning left onto Longmire Lane for 2.4 miles. Continue on North Wenas Road for 9.4 miles. Turn left onto Maloy Road and stay to the left on Maloy Road. Follow Maloy Road west for 1.0 mile. At 1.0 mile you will come to a Y with a dirt track to the left. Stay straight for another 0.1 mile. At this point continue straight on to the new section of road which continues practically due west for another 0.3 miles (1,335 feet). Then turn left and drive south another 0.1 mile (785 feet) and then right, continuing into the camping area.

Info: WDFW web page. DNR Green Dot road map BBQ Flats in Section 22 where Gate W-4000 is located (center - left on the map). (area is a mix of private, DNR and WDFW lands) Be mindful of other possible user types in the area (motorcyclists, Archery, and so on.) This is a popular area!

Typically equestrians are located in BBQ Flats off of the Maloy road. The motorized folks typically give them plenty of room and most are located in the Audubon Rd area to the north at another popular dispersed camping area called Cascade Camp. BBQ Flats is located in Section 22, Township 16, Range 16 E.

The Audubon and Observatory Road gates to the north and west open on May 1 to protect roads from damage and wintering wildlife. Non motorized access is permissible behind these gates before May 1. Cascade Camp (the popular motorized area) is located off of the Audubon Rd in Section 3, Township 16 Range 16 E.

Recommended is a long ride along Umtanum Ridge to the east. From BBQ Flats it is 13 miles one way to where the trail drops off to Old Durr Road. Elevation on top is a high of about 4000 feet. BBQ Flats is a bit over 2400'. Initial climb is 1600' in 3.5 miles. For an even longer ride (22 miles one way) head east (along Umtanum Ridge) to the Skyline Trail above the Yakima River. Or drive and park closer to the trail.

Youtube video of the area. Umtanum Ridge view1 view2

Of other interest: Mammoth site "Imagine the area 16,000 years ago when it was more grass than sagebrush, opposite to what it is now, and wetter. Imagine the Wooly Mammoths and Bison wandering the area." The dig site is unigue in that the entire animal is there whereas other locations within the "Great Flood" have just single bones.
  Kennedy Creek

Destination: Kennedy Creek

Terrain: Hilly. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 3.

Corrals/High line: N/A.

Campfires: Use LNT principals

Permits: None. (Private property!) Gate closes at 4 pm if it is open.

Directions: Google Map link to the road in. For those with GPS - 47.092171N, 123.084641W (Latitude: 47 5' 31.816" N Longitude: 123 5' 4.708" W or UTM Zone: 10 Easting: 493576 Northing: 5215410) The street address for the gate is 500 W Old Olympic Hwy, Shelton, WA.

It's 0.7 mile from the highway if you are coming from the south. From the north it's 0.8 mile. It's in the trees along the southern edge of a large open field.

Take US Highway 101 north from Olympia to mile post 357.07. (the mileposts are going in reverse) Go past Steamboat Island Road interchange, past Holiday Valley Road at milepost 358 and get ready to turn left at the next intersection - Old Olympic Highway. It's about 4.4 miles from where State Route 8 takes off from 101 just the northwest side of Mud Bay. Make sure you stay to the right or you'll be heading to the coast (not that you won't be able to turn around.) Follow Old Olympic Highway north 0.7 mile to the road with the orange gate.

Coming south towards Olympia - Past Kamilche, past the Hurley-Waldrip Road. Turn right onto the next road south of Hurley-Waldrip - Old Olympic Highway at mile marker 356. (about 6 or 7 tenths of a mile south of Hurley-Waldrip.) Follow Old Olympic Highway south 0.8 mile to the road with the orange gate.

Info: Kennedy Creek offers many levels of riding. Easy, medium and a little more challenging trails, but no cliffhangers. It is highly recommended that your horse have on shoes or boots, as certain areas can be rocky. It's a fantastic place to get your horse in great condition, especially for endurance riders, all year long. With 2-6 hours worth of trails, that never get boring, because you can change it up frequently. No loops here. You also don't have to share the trails with bikers; if there are bikers, they will be on the roads, and are rarely in the area. Occasionally you might run into hikers. Motorized vehicles are not supposed to be in the area. There are numerous trails with views of Summit Lake, Oyster Bay, the Olympics and Mount Rainier. The Rock Quarry offers great photo opportunities. Each trail is unique! Remember to bring a chair and lunch. Private timber lands. Parking for 80 rigs (using the field).

"Kennedy Falls is a remote gem of a waterfall, two-tiered and perhaps 50-75 high, located on Kennedy Creek in Thurston County. Kennedy Creek flows from Camp Thunderbird on Summit Lake down to innermost Totten Inlet where Highway 101 crosses its mouth just before climbing the hill to Kamilche." For those brave souls, at one time there existed a small alcove or cave behind the falls. It may still exist. The local scouts from Camp Thunderbird on Summit Lake made this one of their many hikes. If you go PLEASE don't ride in. Leave the stock at least 500 feet away from the water. This is a salmon bearing stream!

The basin is named for Judge Franklin Kennedy. He was the first Sheriff of Thurston County and was appointed by the Governor, not elected, in 1854, serving one year. Sheriff Kennedy had arrived in this area by covered wagon in 1853 (the year Washington Territory was created) and owned property in the Kamilche area. He later served as a judge in Mason County.
  Mary M. Knight School

With the landowners new fee structure, this location is no longer an option for riding. That includes organized rides as well as private. Access fees are $250/year. Organized rides have a different pricing structure but make it no longer profitable to hold rides here.

Destination: Mary M Knight school, Matlock.

Terrain: Flat, damp. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 1.

Corrals/High line: N/A.

Campfires: No.

Permits: Parking on school property will mean you get charged a parking fee. Gates block roads but there are spurs allowing access. Green Diamond Resources property.

Directions: From US Route 101, approximate mile marker 347, Shelton-Matlock Road interchange, head west on the Shelton-Matlock Road for 15.2 miles to the Matlock-Brady Road on the left (four-way intersection) and continue another 3.0 miles to the school on your left. GPS coordinates 47.199332N, 123.431804W (10 T 467294 UTM 5227406) WGS84 datum (drive time from Olympia 1 hour) See the above "Mary M Knight" link for a Google map of the school location

Info: Topo map (8.5 x 11 jpeg)

John Tornow - Wild Man of the Wynooche (Tornow family cemetery 5.3 miles down the road towards Brady) historylink.org
  Nile Sawmill Flats

Destination: Nile Valley

Terrain: Rolling/Mountainous. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 3.

Corrals/High line: None.

Campfires: No (due to local conditions during typical Equestrian season, campfires in undeveloped campgrounds not allowed.)

Permits: Undeveloped camp area. No permit required.

WACMO trail map (wacmo.org)

Directions: Interstate 5 south from Olympia to US 12 East (exit 68) [Morton/Yakima]. 119 miles over White Pass to the junction with State Route 410. Turn left onto SR 410 and continue 7.9 miles to the Nile Road on the left (Eagle Rock). Continue up the Nile Road. 46.85171127319336N, 121.0118026733398W (10 T 651570 UTM 5190605) WGS84 datum Google Map link to destination (drive time from Olympia about 3 hours 30 minutes)

Info: No reservations. No fees. USFS lands, Weed free hay/straw required. Undeveloped Nile Creek Old Sawmill site for camping. No potable water available.

Westport/Grayland (Beach)

Topographic Map of the area: 8.5x11 PDF (912 Kb) Jpeg (220 Kb)

Terrain: Flat and sandy. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 1.

Corrals/High line: N/A.

Campfires: On the beach or in desgnated campsites only.

Permits: Discover Pass Required if parking within the state park boundaries (or adjacent to)!

Directions: From Olympia - Follow Highway 101 to Mud Bay, continue straight on State Route 8. Follow to Elma where it changes to US Route 12. Continue into Aberdeen, turning left on 'H' Street (3rd light after crossing the Wishkah River). Move into the center lane and continue south over the Chehalis River Bridge. Continue straight onto SR 105 to Westport. In 18.6 miles, turn left heading south on SR 105. In 0.6 miles turn right onto W Bonge Avenue at milepost 29.61. GPS coordinates are 46.849658N, 124.109803W (10 T 415391 UTM 5189055) WGS84 datum Google map (drive time from Olympia about 2 hours. 70 miles.) Driving directions with photos.

Don't have a Discover Pass?
Midway Beach Road at milepost 23.85 is the southern boundary for Grayland Beach State Park. Cranberry Beach Road at milepost 25.71 is the northern boundary for Grayland Beach State Park. Between Cranberry Beach Road and Bonge Avenue (southern boundary for Twin Harbors State Park) there is one other beach approach, Grayland Beach Road at milepost 26.81. In the vicinity of the restrooms on the south side of the road it is state park lands on either side of the road. There is nothing stopping you from driving out on to the hard packed sand above the surf and parking above any obvoius tire tracks using any of the beach approaches. Just be sure of where you are in relation to the park boundaries (Beaches in the state are treated as a state highway).

Twin Harbors State Park includes the beach whereas Grayland Beach State Park only includes the dunes. If you choose to park on the beach off Bonge Avenue you'll need to turn to the south. You can turn north or south off Grayland Beach Road onto the beach and not be within state park lands (just don't go north of the Bonge Avenue approach.)

Info: Twin Harbors State Park (link), Westport Light State Park (link), Grayland Beach State Park (link).

Interactive maps showing park boundaries overlaid on an aerial view
South Grays Harbor area map
Twin Harbors State Park map
Grayland Beach State Park map
Wesport Light State Park map

The Westport lighthouse
Westport Maritime Museum link Tours pricing


Buck Creek (Greenwater)

Camp Information (link)

Map of Buck Creek 8.5x11 PDF (868 Kb) Jpeg (520 Kb)

WACMO trail map (wacmo.org)

Terrain: Easy - Rolling to mountainous. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 1-5.

Corrals/High line: some available high lines in the camground adjacent to the airstrip.

Campfires: Use the available camground adjacent to the airstrip.

Permits: Northwest Forest Pass required for Ranger Creek trail head. (Mt Baker-Snoqualmie NF) $5 per vehicle per day.You may be eligible for the Interagency Senior Pass $10 Lifetime!

Alpine Experience
408 Olympia Avenue NE
Olympia, WA 98501

USDA FS-Olympic National Forest - Supervisor`s Office
1835 Black Lake Blvd. SW
Olympia, WA 98512

Directions: From Olympia - Interstate 5 north to State Route 512 E (exit 127). Continue on SR 512 east to SR 167 N by keeping to the right , exiting almost immediately to SR 410 (Sumner/Yakima/Mt Rainier). Continue on SR 410 through Buckley and Enumclaw, heading towards Chinook Pass. From the east end of Enumclaw and the US Forest Service Ranger Station there on your right, it is approximately 29.2 miles to Forest Service road 7160 where you need to turn right (milepost 54.32). After crossing the bridge, take the second left and then another sharp left. (You should see restrooms in front of you.) Total mileage from Olympia is about 81 miles or 2 hour 30 minutes. GPS coordinates 47.02302169799805N, 121.535400390625W (10 T 611298 UTM 5208763) WGS84 datum Google map of the destination

Just before the intersection you will see this sign!

Info: USFS lands, Weed free feed, hay/straw required. Bring a folding chair. Water for yourself and horses is recommended as the Ranger Creek campground (not NF land) next to the airstrip does not have potable water. There is the White River and small streams in the area.

  Green Mountain (Bremerton)

Map of Green Mountain 8.5x11 PDF (972 Kb) Jpeg (580 Kb)
     Green Mountain North - Kitsap County 8.5x11 PDF (1 Mb) Jpeg (488 Kb)
     Green Mountain South - Kitsap County 8.5x11 PDF (868 Kb) Jpeg (520 Kb)

Terrain: Rolling. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 3.

Corrals/High line: N/A.

Campfires: Dependant on weather conditions.

Permits: DNR land, Discover Pass required!

WACMO trail map (wacmo.org)

Directions:  From Olympia - Take SR 101 north to Shelton. At Shelton take SR 3 north to Belfair. In Belfair - continue past the SR 300 intersection to the stop light at “NE Old Clifton” and turn left. Go one block and turn right on the “Old Belfair Highway”. Continue north approximately 3.4 miles and turn left on “NE Bear Creek Dewatto Rd”. Continue about 3.1 miles. Turn right on "Gold Creek Rd W". Continue about 2.3 miles and turn right into "Gold Creek Trail head." parking lot 47.551178N, 122.827279W (10 T 512996 UTM 5266432) WGS84 datum Google map link to the route

(distance from Olympia is 54 miles and drive time is about about 1 hour 50 minutes with trailer) PDF Directions with maps

Info: 30 miles of multi-use trail. Check the DNR Lands Status page before going.
  Danville Georgetown Trail System (Maple Valley)

Terrain: Flat. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 1.

Corrals/High line: N/A.

Campfires: No.

Permits: King County land, no permit required (See note below concerning adjacent private lands)

King County Executive Horse Council web link

Friends of Rock Creek Valley map (Draft proposed) PDF (11x17 786 Kb)
Friends of Rock Creek Valley Topo map link (8.5x11)

Note: there are former logging & mining roads to the southeast of the Danville trails which are on private forestland owned by Palmer Coking Coal. These trails are posted with No Trespassing signs, but if you visit their office at 31407 Highway 169 in Black Diamond you can obtain a one-year permit to use them. There are old mining remnants and pits in the area, so staying on the trail is a must!

Directions: From the west/south: Four Corners (between Maple Valley and Black Diamond, the intersection of State Route 169 and Kent Kangley Road/State Highway 516), go east on Kent-Kangley Road and take the first left onto SE Summit Landsberg Road. Where it ends and joins Landsberg Road, turn left and proceed down the hill toward the river. The parking area south of the river is on the left at the entrance to the Cedar River Pipeline Road and holds only a few trailers (A - Google Map link); however, the parking area on the north side of the river, again on the left, has room for many more and is the entrance to the Cedar River Trail (B - Google Map link).

From the north: Landsberg Road is also known as Issaquah-Hobart Road/SE 276th. From State Route 18, go south on this road until the road turns and the name changes. The parking areas (see above) will be on the right side of the road. The Danville Trailhead parking is located along the side of SE Summit Landsberg Road where the road shoulder widens just west of the Tahoma Junior High School (C - Google Map link). Trails depart from both sides of the road here.

Alternative parking can also be found where 248th Street crosses the Cedar River Pipeline (D - Google Map link). Trails branch off of the pipeline trail to the west of this point.

It is 60 miles from Olympia (Approximately an hour and a half driving time).

Parking Summary :
From Olympia - Interstate 5 to State Route 512 to State Route 167 to State Route 18. Turn east at the State Route 516 (Covington/SE 272nd Street exit, 8.5 miles from SR 167). Follow State Route 516/SE 272nd Street heading east for 4.7 miles to where it crosses State Route 169 (signalized intersection). The road becomes SE Kent Kangley Road on the east side of SR 169. Continue east for another 0.2 miles and turn left onto SE Summit Landsberg Road. (see A, B, C or D below for final stretch).

A (a little parking, south of the river) - Drive 2.5 miles and turn left on to Landsberg Road SE. Parking will be in 0.2 miles.

B (lots of parking, north of the river) - Drive 2.5 miles and turn left on to Landsberg Road SE. Parking will be in 0.3 miles after crossing the river.

C - Drive 0.9 miles to the parking along the road (Tahoma Junior High School is another 0.2 miles on the left and if you see it you've gone too far.)

D - Drive 1.7 miles and make a sharp left onto SE 252nd Street. At 0.1 miles continue on to SE 248th Street. Parking will be in 0.6 miles along the Cedar River Pipeline trail.

History Notes:
- A side trail off of the Ridge Loop trail leads to the Miners Memorial, commemorating four miners who were trapped in a 1955 cave-in of the Landsburg mine underneath these trails.
- At another point, the Ridge Loop trail nears a hazardous trench where an old mine tunnel collapsed. It is important to stay on the trail in this area!
- The Landsburg and Rogers coal mines were active in this area from 1937 to 1975. According to a sign, part of the Old Indian trail does indeed follow an old indian trail found on maps from the 1800's.
- Black Diamond history link
- Coal in the Puget Sound Region (web link)

University of Washington Experimental Charles Lathrop Pack Forest (Eatonville)

Terrain: Rolling. On the 5 scale for difficulty - trails are a 3.

Corrals/High line: N/A.

Campfires: No.

Permits: University of Washington land, no permit required.

Twelve Mile Loop trail is the same loop used by the mountain bikes; this ride combines trails and logging roads. Create smaller loops by using any of the logging roads; rated as moderate to difficult. Views of Mount Rainier and a waterfall.

Not a lot of parking space so double up with a friend if at all possible.

Pack Forest trail map (11x17 PDF)

WACMO trail map (wacmo.org)

Directions: Take Interstate 5 to Exit 127 and follow State Route 512 east for about 1.6 miles. Turn south on to State Route 7, following the signs to Mount Rainier. Continue for about 5.1 miles to the junction of State Routes 507 and 7 (Milepost 47.38). Continue straight and stay on State Route 7 for about 20.7 miles to milepost 26.62. Watch for the sign "University of Washington Pack Forest". The entrance will be on your left. The entrance looks like this image. Park horse trailers in the gravel loop (through the gate, keep to the left and the loop will be on your left.)

Alternate Directions: From Tenino take State Route 507 through Rainier, Yelm and Roy to it's end at milepost 43.57. Turn south on to State Route 7 and continue for about 20.7 miles to milepost 26.62. Watch for the sign "University of Washington Pack Forest". The entrance will be on your left. The entrance looks like this image. Park horse trailers in the gravel loop (through the gate, keep to the left and the loop will be on your left.)

Google Map link to the desination. Driving distance from Olympia is 42 miles (about an hour and a half driving time).
Interactive map showing the forest boundaries.

About Charles Lathrop Pack (web link) Images of the man (web link) About Pack Forest

  Appaloosa Club

This is information on location only.

Waddell Creek Road SW from Littlerock to just before (south of) Deer Trail Road SW on the left.

Gravel driveway through trees with a white steel gate. There is a small sign to the right of the driveway. (Image of the driveway)

GMAP4 map web link (your choice of base maps including high quality Topo)

Google Maps web link (limited basemap selection)

The street address is 12011 Waddell Creek Road SW. It's about 1.1 miles from the intersection with 128th Ave SW coming from Littlerock. The location is just south of the major dip in the road due to the Mima Creek crossing.

Club grounds are immediately adjacent to the Capitol Forest trail system. Capitol Forest trail and road map. (map is centered on the club house)

If you are not a member you will be asked to sign a waiver in order to park on the club grounds.
  Scatter Creek

WDFW lands (Scatter Creek Wildlife Area - upland bird)
WDFW parking permit (hunting or fishing license) or Discover Pass required

WDFW Scatter Creek Wildlife Area web link (note the Field Trials and Dog Events schedule link!)

WACMO trail map (wacmo.org)

Directions: Interstate 5 to exit # 95 (SR 121/Maytown). West from I-5 (towards Littlerock) to Case Road 0.3 miles (crossing the railroad tracks). Turn left onto Case Road and follow it for 4.0 miles to a gravel lot on the right (Google Map link) and former site of a Red barn (before it burned). This location is immediately south of a 1.1 mile long straight section of Case Road and is on a curve. As you approach from the north you will notice a large elevated electronic billboard. The parking area is across Case Road from the sign.


Interstate 5 to exit # 88 (Tenino/Tenino Speedway). Follow Old Highway 99 2.4 miles northeast to 183rd Avenue SW. Turn left and follow 183rd due west for 1.7 miles (crossing over I-5). Get ready to turn right immediately after crossing I-5. Turn right onto Case Road and follow it north for 1.6 miles to a gravel lot on the left (Google Map link). The parking area is across Case Road from the elevated sign. (You will pass another gravel lot on your left before you reach this one. WDFW calls that one the "Middle Parking Lot of the North Unit". Horses at one time could be ridden out of there but not any more due to environmental concerns.)