2014 WASHINGTON STATE PRIZE RIDE LIST, plus some other equine events
This year, this prize ride list will be kept on Northwest Trail Riding Horses and capitolriders.org This compilation is copyrighted, so if you use this list and/or modify it to make money, we need to talk. Changes/additions? Peggy Paulson Wolf on Facebook, (253) 797-2045, or rosehunt@aol.com
  • Be sure to check with the ride host about need for certified weed-free feed or land-use passes.
  • If you are going to any of the events, be sure to contact the ride host to check for updates, ride rules, or needed preregistration.
  • Please clean up around your trailer. We want the ride host able to use the land again next year.
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See end of document for websites of competitive events.
That concludes the prize rides for 2014! (the last being on October 25)
To get your ride advertised on this list for next year please send an email to Peggy Paulson Wolf at rosehunt@aol.com or call (253) 797-2045
Please provide the date of the ride, name of the ride, location/address of the ride, web site, Facebook page, contact name(s)
with phone numbers and email addresses and a flyer (the sooner you make one up the sooner we can post it)
If you don't want to provide a flyer then we'll need to know the entry fee, prize information, start and stop times and other info
the riders need to be aware of. Thank you.
We have recieved the information for a 2015 ride already. Send yours in soon. Most often all it takes is changing dates on your flyer. For those of you having to use private property, contact the land owner now.
Competitive Rides (see website for schedules)
North American Trail Ride Conference (www.natrc.org and www.nwctr.org)
Equine Trail Sports (ETS) equinetrailsports.com Facebook
American Competitive Trail Horse Association, www.actha.us
National Association Competitive Mountain Orienteering, www.nacmo.org
Washington Competitive Mountain Orienteering, www.wacmo.org Facebook
PNER (Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides) www.nwrides.org
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