Work party January 22nd, 2014 at Mima Campground

Putting in a new manure bin

Attendees - Jeff LaBreck, Karen Johnson, Sue Koch, Chris Jellison, Jim Gibbons and his grandson James, Eric Bauer (running the tractor, DNR) and Tom Shedd (DNR).

clearing the soil with the Kubota
L-R, Eric, Tom and Jeff

Jeff waiting for help
Jeff LaBreck waiting for help getting the frame out of the back of his pickup truck

measuring the width of the cleared area
Tom and Jeff

digging postholes with the Kubota
Eric and Tom

putting the posts in the hols
Tom, Jim, Jeff and Chris

placing the frame in position
Sue, Chris, Jim, Jeff and Tom

clamping the frame to the posts
Eric and Chris

tightening bolts
Jim, Jeff and James

adding more side boards
Tom, Jeff, Jim, James, and Chris

all done and posing for pics
Jeff, Sue, Eric, Chris and Jim

all done and posing for another pic
Jeff, Eric, Karen, Chris and Jim

a finished manure bin
Finished manure bin