Work party January 18th 2014 on the equine loop in Capitol Forest

There were 17 people at the work party. Most were Scattercreek chapter, one DNR employee, one Appaloosa Club member, one horse trainer
and 5 Capitol Riders.

Joan Fleming, Sue Koch, Toni Stray, Kim Habel, Gail Caskey, Laura Keepers, Dick Bailey, Karen Johnson, Ron
Spalding (Appaloosa Club), Chris Jellison, Deborah and Norman Green, Betty Reichel, Bob Bacon, Karen Jones, Fred Young (trainer)
and Bryan Hamlin (DNR)

group photo
Picture--L to R  Karen Johnson, Karen Jones, Sue Koch, Joan Fleming (kneeling), Chris Jellison and Bryan Hamlin (DNR). Photo taken by Kim Habel.

Norman Green and Toni Stray raking gravel
Norman Green and Toni Stray raking away. Photo by Deborah Green.

group shot

releasing the tailgate

getting the trailer in position

here comes the gravel out of the trailer

finished trail
All done!