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  Fire-wise Evacuation Planning - The Northwest Horse Source
  Wildfire Evacuation Planning - thehorse.com
  Equine Emergency Evacuation Kit Checklist - thehorse.com (requires free account)
  Personal Disaster Preparedness, Part 1 - thehorse.com
  Disaster Preparedness and Planning: Part 2 - thehorse.com
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  Wildfires: When Evacuation is Not an Option - thehorse.com (requires free account)
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  Emergency Evacuation Contacts - thehorse.com
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  Tips for Developing a Firewise Evacuation Plan - thehorse.com
  Firewise.org - ways to protect your property in the event of a wildfire
  Wildfire Preparedness For Horse Owners - Colorado State University Extension
  Evacuation Level guide - Chelan County Fire (nationwide standard)
  Evacuation Preparedness (PDF)
  AAEP Horse Disaster Planning Checklist - www.aaep.org
  AAEP Horse Emergency Checklist - www.aaep.org
  Red Cross Pets In Disaster - www.redcross.org
  ASPCA 24-hour Poison Control Hotline: (888) 426-4435 (a $65 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card).
  Prepare / Plan / Stay Informed - ready.gov
  Propane, LP Gas Tanks and Wildfires - How To Prepare - www.propane101.com
  Propane Defensible Space Annual Checklist
  Propane Safety and Wildfires - www.propanesafetyfirst.com
  Animal Welfare In Transport: Contingency Planning - thehorse.com
  EquestriSafe – Clever and Easy to Use Equine Identification & Safety Products - The Northwest Horse Source
  Permanent Identfication - - throckmorton.agrilife.com
  Temporary id ideas (PDF)
  Wildfire Smoke and Horses' Respiratory Health - thehorse.com
  Wildfire Smoke and Horses - ucdavis.edu
  Health Effects of Wildland Fire Smoke - www.southernfireexchange.org
  Washington State Smoke Information - wasmoke.blogspot.com
  Fires and Your Health (National) - www.airnow.gov
  Equine Hurricane Evacuation - thehorse.com (requires free account)
  Barn Safety
  Six Ways to Better Prevent and Respond to Barn Fires - thehorse.com
  Top 5 Basic Safety Changes to Your Barn - thehorse.com
  Barn Fire Safety Checklist - thehorse.com
  Lightning storms (PDF)
  Backcountry Lightning Safety (PDF)
  Wildfire in the Back Country
  Backcountry Blaze - 4 tips to help keep you alive (PDF)
  Fighting a wildfire (PDF)
  Returning Home/Cleanup
  Returning to your home kitchen after a wildfire evacuation (PDF)
  Returning Home After a Wildfire (PDF)
  After the fire (some information specific to Chelan/Douglas counties, state of Washington) (PDF)
  Protecting Health After a Wildfire (PDF) Chelan-Douglas Health District
  Wildland Fire Chemical Clean-up (PDF)
  After the fire - checklist (PDF) Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition
  Water Wells
  Drinking Water Well Protection - WA State Dept of Ecology
  Wildfires and Safe Drinking Water - WA State Dept of Health
  Field Guides - California Wildland Fire Coordinating Group